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About Marilyn Gilchrist

Marilyn Gilchrist has practised as a general practice lawyer in Ashburton since 2007. Before that Marilyn practised law for 7 years in Palmerston North. In addition to a Bachelor of Laws, Marilyn's tertiary qualifications include a Bachelor of Education and a Diploma of Teaching in Early Childhood Education.

Marilyn qualified as a Mediator in 2008, and now mediates Family Law disputes through the Family Dispute Resolution Service. She is contracted to Family Works.

Mediation essentially is facilitated discussion between the parties to explore possible solutions to a problem and to negotiate a resolution.

Mediation provides a quick, relatively cost effective solution to resolving legal problems. Virtually any dispute can be settled 'out of Court' using Mediation.

Marilyn attributes her success as a Mediator to her training in mediation with the LEADR organisation, an Australasian mediation training organisation which provides ongoing regulation of its Mediators, and continuing education, and to her background life-skills gained from her tertiary training, which, in addition to a legal Degree, includes qualifications in Education.

Marilyn is also available for private mediations for any sort of dispute.

Marilyn has also worked as a printer, a feature writer for a newspaper and an early childhood teacher.

Such experience in professions outside the law has also stood Marilyn in good stead as her role as a Lawyer for Children, Youth Advocate, and in general.

Marilyn makes regular appearances in the District Court at Ashburton on Criminal List days as Duty Solicitor, instructed Counsel for a Defendant, or as a Youth Advocate in the Youth Court.